Discipline Rules

1 Be punctual, always reach school in time.
2 Late arrival is totally discouraged and may resultant to absence.
3 Wear neat, clean and proper uniform as per seasonal dress code.
4 Hair cutting should be proper, nails should be trimmed and general cleanliness is to be strictly observed.
5 Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, precious & prohibited items, foreign currency and any other electronic gadgets in the premises of school.
6 Daily home work given by the teachers should be completed on regular basis.
7 All the books and subject copies should have proper covers and name tags.
8 Do not leave the class for any purpose without permission of the teacher.
9 Behave with your teachers, school staff and fellow students in best possible way. Any misbehave may initiate strict action.
10 Leave the school in a disciplined manner as the school time ends.
11 A student can be expelled from the school if found involved in violation of school discipline, damage to school property, quarrel or any other unlawful activity.
12 Students are advised to be good child by all means.